One key element of the SOAR process is our ability to visualize our desired outcomes. Some of us are able to do this anytime and anyplace. Most of us find that getting into a quiet place and state of mind helps us visualize our desired outcomes and the process we will use to achieve those outcomes.

minds_eye imageVisualization is the art of being able to imagine in our mind’s eye scenes in the past, present, or future. It has been used to change one’s thoughts and expectations. When we visualize our desired outcomes, we are attempting to peer into the future. If you have ever played a sport you, either on your own, or encouraged by a parent, teacher or coach envisioned yourself succeeding at the task at hand. Perhaps it was hitting the ball squarely or making that difficult catch. Whatever is was, it was designed to have you experience success before engaging in the actual event.

When we use visualization as part of the SOAR process we are picturing what a successful result will be once we complete our process. We are seeing the end result and practicing the various steps we need to take to get to our end point.

I’ve successfully used visualization to change unwanted habits and create new more desirable ones. Your desired outcome may be personal – to stop smoking. There are many “aids” available to stop smoking. But I contend that the only aid we need is to be able to really envision how our life would benefit from a smokeless life style. This approach can be applied to just about any personal habit we want to change.

Mind's eye
The visualization process only begins to help us with personal aspects of our life. Visualization can help us pre-live what we want to accomplish in the future. Once pre-lived, we can then apply the process to identifying the methods and resources needed to achieve those accomplishments.
Take a few moments and give it a try. Hopefully, you will find a new tool to help you make your goals and dreams come to fruition.

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