Larry is a business educator, personal coach, and author.  He has helped improve the performance of hundreds of companies by examining their business processes and training their personnel to meet performance demands. As a personal coach he has helped numerous individuals focus on the skills and traits that helped them move forward in their lives.

As a specialist in management change and control, he uses a team approach to evaluate, design, and implement business processes and controls.  He designed, conducted and facilitated strategic planning, team transformation, and quality improvement programs for all organization levels.  He has held executive positions in manufacturing, marketing, information systems, internal audit, and consulting.

Larry’s management consulting assignments included finance, banking, manufacturing, and distribution, health care, insurance and service industries. In addition to a number of small and medium sized companies, Coca Cola, American Express, Metropolitan Insurance Company, Monsanto Chemical, and Exxon were among his clients.

As Vice President of Internal Audit (Banking) and  General Auditor (major manufacturer and distributor) he organized and directed highly successful quality audit teams by blending the talents of over 50  financial, operational, and information services auditors.

As President of SYSCON International, an independent Audit Training and Consulting Firm, his staff conducted major management audits.  The educational assets and processes developed by SYSCON were obtained by KPMG and made part of their educational offerings.  Larry continued to instruct many of their courses as an independent consultant. His exclusive assignments included the courses he developed – “The Internal Auditor as a Business Consultant” and “The Integration of Financial, Operations, and Information Systems Auditing”.

As Partner and Vice President of Operations of a specialty advertising products printer, he directed information services, graphic arts, technical services, manufacturing, distribution, customer service, and human resources.

As a senior partner in The Georgia Group he worked with major corporations to help create their vision and develop work flow and team building processes to achieve those visions.

Larry retired from Chattahoochee Technical College as Director of Business Industry and Services, where he directed the development of training programs that helped industry in North Georgia acquire, train and maintain a thriving workforce.  It was during this time frame that the concepts for “SOAR Without Limits” were developed and fine-tuned.

After “retirement”, his most recent accomplishments include an audit of FEMA’s post Katrina practices for the GAO and Public Assistance and Grant Management for H2O Partners, working with FEMA to obtain funds for Municipalities to assist them in their restoration after the September 2011 flood and October 2012 SuperStorm Sandy. In this capacity he provided on site management of the projects.

Larry earned his BS and MS degrees in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting, management and computer science.  He has held official positions in DPMA, IIA, and EDPAA at the local and international levels.  His certifications included Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Professional.

He served the residents of his Georgia community in various capacities, including Board Treasurer and Board President.

He is currently writing, coaching and volunteers as an instructor and facilitator for Master the Possibilities Center for Lifelong Learning in Ocala, Florida.

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